Tenant Representation

We Work For Your Best Interests

AS TENANT REPRESENTATIVES, our exclusive focus is on you. Our goal is to help you lower your real estate costs and maximize value. Working as your confidential advisor and advocate, we focus on your real estate requirements so that you can focus on your business.

  • Lease Space
  • Lease Renewals
  • Space Relocations
  • Lease Re‐Negotiations
  • Sub‐Lease Space
  • Space Expansions
  • Space Consolidations
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Review working documents and site surveys; finalize details of over-standard improvements; facilitate building and permit process; negotiate construction and relocation bids. LEASE EXECUTION: Verify negotiated business terms; examine legal language and assess risk of clauses and provisions within the lease draft; compile lease comments; negotiate final lease comments and provisions; obtain final client approval. SPACE PLANNING: Refine preliminary space allocation plan; perform cost analysis of tenant improvements; negotiate and procure over-standard improvements. NEGOTIATIONS: Develop negotiation strategy and submit proposals; perform a comprehensive comparative analysis including terms, allowances, options, and full financial / cost analysis. Review and modify negotiation tactics until desired goals are met. SITE SELECTION: Inspect and evaluate physical and operational conditions of relevant locations; create comparative financial analysisof relevant locations and the specific market conditions. MARKET RESEARCH: Use market intelligence to identify and qualify suitable locations. Analyze market conditions. NEEDS ANAYSIS: Use business strategy to identify goals; clarify needs and concerns; review current and planned space allocation; assess budget and timeframe requirements; examine alternatives relocation versus renewal. MANAGEMENT EXECUTION PLANNING NEGOTIATIONS SELECTION RESEARCH ANALYSIS

We work with our clients to implement real estate decisions that maximize savings to the bottom line and connect with their brand, values, and culture. We are committed to understanding your needs at each stage of your business cycle so that we adapt our approach and customize a solution that achieves your company’s real estate goals.